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Thanksgiving Promotion

Contact Us between November 20 and 26 and we'll upgrade your Free account to Pro for a year.

Note for iPhone users: the app will be unavailable on the Apple App Store on November 21 and 22 due to an update.  In the meantime, the app is functioning for anyone who already has it installed. If you don't have the iOS app and would like it sooner, Contact Us and we'll get you a Beta version.

Get Started with Scanlily

Start by downloading our fully-featured, free app:

Buy our QR Codes on Amazon or Walmart.  Never pay monthly with our fully-featured free app. If you want to evaluate Scanlily before buying labels, then try our test labels which expire after two weeks. 

Easily manage hundreds or thousands of assets 

1. Attach a QR label to an item or bin.

2. Scan the label with the Scanlily app.

3. Enter a name for that item.  

You can also enter notes, set reminders, and attach photos and documents.

4. Later, anyone can scan the QR Label to see the information.  No app needed!

Powerful Web Features 

If you need reporting, and other powerful features, then login to the account website with the userid you created on the app.  These web-based features are in Beta and will be released soon for a monthly subscription.  We estimate a launch in October, 2023.

Get Ready to Organize, Track and Reserve Everything with Scanlily

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