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Private Messaging with QR Tags

Attaching a Scanlily QR sticker turns your items into a private messaging channel. When scanned, it alerts you with the location, and a secure chat opens for anonymous communication.  Combined with Scanlily's asset management features, this opens up many creative uses.

Example: Streamlined Property Management for Landlords

Landlords can streamline maintenance and enhance tenant communication with Scanlily QR stickers. Scanlily stickers on appliances like water heaters can provide tenants with instant access to operation instructions and an easy reporting tool for issues.

[Image of a water heater with a Scanlily QR sticker, with icons indicating "Instructions" and "Report Issue" for a tenant-friendly interface]

Tenants simply scan the QR code to view maintenance histories or submit a report directly to the landlord, ensuring quick responses to property concerns and fostering a well-maintained living environment..

Example: Public Feedback on Your Assets

[Image of broken lamp post with Scanlily QR sticker on it]

A city's infrastructure benefits from engaged citizens. With Scanlily QR stickers placed on public assets like lamp posts, anyone can quickly report issues. A scan leads to a secure form, enabling residents to inform the municipality about a malfunctioning streetlight, contributing to a safer, well-maintained urban space.

Example: Never Lose a Receipt or Forget a Warranty

Secure your high-value items with Scanlily. Attach a QR sticker to your new laptop and scan the receipt, ensuring it’s always at hand for returns or service. Document each maintenance session with a photo of the work order, creating a reliable record. Set reminders for warranty expirations to stay ahead of the game.

[Image of the described asset with a Scanlily QR sticker on it]

All-In-One Asset Management

In summary, the Scanlily app is not just for Lost and Found—it's also a fully-featured Asset, Inventory, and Equipment Management System. Affix Scanlily stickers to any belongings you wish to track, not just those you fear losing.

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