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Evan in front of sign for Evan's Equipment Rental with heavy equipment in background

Make Your Items Available Online

Using Scanlily, you can make your items available online for checkouts and reservations.

Scanlily is ideal for booking anything you can put a QR sticker onto. Here are some examples.

Camera bag containing photo equipment each containing a Scanlily QR sticker


Gardening tools each with a Scanlily QR sticker


Booking Modes

There are three Scanlily booking modes:

1. Checkout Mode

This is like checking out tools or checking out books from a library. 
The states for your items are Available and Checked Out.  You can see who has checked out which tool

Meeting room with sign containing Scanlily QR in front

3. Reservations with Pickups Mode

Users reserve the item on a calendar. When they come to pick up the item, they can scan it and pick it up in the system.  When users (hopefully) return the item before it is due, they can scan it to return it.  There are various notifications in this mode such as a reminder for when to return the item or a notification that can go out to the reserver and you if items are overdue.

Gardening tools with Scanlily QR stickers on them

2. Reservation Mode

This is like reserving a meeting room.
Users re
serve on a calendar. They get an email reminder when the reservation is about to begin.  You can see a calendar of future reservations.  

Camera bag containing photo equipment each with Scanlily QR

All three modes can involve Booking Notifications. Read more about that below. They also involve multiple Reports to help you manage your assets. 

Booking Notifications

Booking Notifications are emails and/or text messages that are sent to users to remind them about something.


For example, they may get a notification when a checked out item is overdue. Or they may get a notification when a reservation is about to begin.


Booking notifications in Scanlily:

booking_notification.png  Booking notifications list screen of Scanlily app

Email Notifications

Here is a simple example of a notification email a user might receive

Customizable Notifications

Notifications can be customized to be more elaborate.

Business-level subscribers can configure these notifications in great detail.


Default Reservation

Here is the default reservation.

Customizable Reservation

Here’s an example of customizing the Reservation message:

Business users can customize any of the other messages as well.


Booking Agreements and Signatures

Scanlily allows presenting a booking agreement to users and requiring a signature.

Signature Requirement

You can enable or disable the signature requirement and customize the booking agreement.

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