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Reservations with Pickups

Reservations with Pickup Mode - reserving and then also tracking item check out and check in.

In this booking mode, users reserve equipment online. When they arrive to pick up the equipment, you or they scan the QR code on the item to confirm pickup. When they return, the item’s QR code is scanned again to confirm return.

Illustration of an excavator

If your business revolves around people reserving and checking out valuable equipment, then the Pickup Mode is for you. Although it has more steps than the other two modes, it is simplifying and time-saving for a complex process.

Start the process by selecting Reserve from the Item page:

crane_images.png Excavator on Item page with Reserve button at bottom
reservation_feb.png  Ite page reservation calendar

Then click on the calendar below to select a reservation start date. Note that it won’t let you pick a date in the past.

Optionally, you can adjust the start time of day by clicking on the From time text.

new_reservations_8am.png  Item page reservation calendar with 8am selected as the begin time for Feb 20

Follow by picking an end date and time:

excavator_318.png  Reservation in process for Excavator showing date range selected on calendar
schedules_5am.png  Time of day slots in 30 minute increments to select from

Then click Reserve.

excavator_318.png  Reservation screen with date range selected and Reserve button below

If your reservation hasn’t started yet, you or others can continue to reserve before and after that reservation. This is why the Item may appear as available:

scheduled__2.png  Bottom of Item screen showing reservation at bottom and Reserve button above to make a new reservation
awaiting.png  Bottom of Item screen showing Reserve and Pick up buttons.  Reservation with status Awaiting pickup below

Once your reservation starts, you can click Pick Up to indicate that you now have the item.  You’ll get an email reminder as the end of your reservation approaches. You or others can also Reserve it for a timeperiod outside your reservation

Now it’s time to return the item, so click Return.

reservation_ongoing.png  Bottom of Item page showing Reserve and Return buttons and reservation with status Picked up below
item_completed.png.  Bottom of item page showing Reserve button and completed reservation below it

The reservation now appears as Completed and the item is available for new reservations.

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