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Run Reports

Scanlily has many powerful web-based reports available to Business-level users. These help you oversee your equipment bookings, assets and asset depreciation, inventory quantities and containers for storage amongst other things.

Click on any report image below to enlarge it.


Enterprise asset management systems, like Scanlily, feature user-friendly dashboards with key indicators for daily checks. These assist in assessing the general status of your assets and deciding on necessary actions.

With Scanlily, for example, use the map feature to locate your items easily.

Using the mobile dashboard, you can see a summary of the latest notifications - thereby being quickly alerted of actions you might need to take.

The web dashboard also helps you visualize booking status and allows you to report on item locations and categories by count and value.

Scanlily's mobile dashboard showing map for items, Reminder button, Pickup button, and list of Notifications such as a notification that a Lithium battery pack needs has reached its 3 year replacemen time..
Scanlily web dashboard showing total quantity, cost and value of items.  It also shows four graphical reports: Items by Booking Status, a map of item locations, Items by Location and Items by Category.

Reporting Menu

When you first login to the Scanlily User Website, select reports and choose a reporting category:

Reports page of User Website showing the report categories: Asset Management, Containers, Reservations with Pickups

The bottom category will differ, depending on your Booking Mode. It will either contain reports pertaining to “Checkouts”, “Reservations” or “Reservations with Pickups”.

Asset Management Report

The following are reports in the Asset Management category:

Reports page of User Website with Asset management opened and specific reports below opened

Item Life Report

Item_Life_Report.png  Item Life report on the User Website

If you click on the date range, you can specify not only a specific date range but also run reports for the last week, last month, etc:

Date selection for Date Purchased of Item Life Report

Scanlily is very handy as an Asset Management System due to the various easy-to-use reports that help you track your asset value and asset life.

The rest of this section describes some of the many possible Scanlily reports.

Item List Report

All reports have an export capability. Click on the upper right to print the results to a PDF or export to a CSV or Excel file.

Item List Report on the User Website

Item List by Location Report

Location is a common selection option for reports, as is Address and Category. Click one and select from a pulldown of the groupings you have defined in the app.

Item List by Location Report on the User Website

Inventory List Report

Many reports allow you to Group By Category or Address, such as the Inventory List Report:

Inventory_List_Report.png Inventory List Report on the User Website

Item Quantities Report

Reports make Scanlily powerful as an Inventory Management System. When a quantity is blank, that means the quantity is not being tracked for that item. Using the app, you can easily change quantities from blank to a positive number or to zero, which represents out of stock.

Item Quantities Report on the User Website

Item Servicing by Category Report

As an Equipment Management System, Scanlily allows you to track when your item was last serviced and when it is due for servicing. You can use the reminder feature to send you emails and keep you on top of your item maintenance.

Item Servicing by Category Report on the User Website

Warranty List Report

Scanlily is useful as a Warranty Management System reporting when warranties expire for your various assets. You can set email reminders to notify you when warranties are coming due.

Warranty List Report on the User Website

Container Reports

Scanlily has various reports to help you keep track of your Containers. This can be for Storage and Organization, where a container represents a box of items you store. Or it could be for Inventory Management, where a container has quantities of items that you sell. When Scanlily is used as an Equipment Management system for booking equipment, you can have a container represent a kit that your users reserve such as a “Photography Kit” that contains a camera, lenses and other photo equipment.

Containers by Category

Containers by Category report on the User Website

Containers by Location

Containers by Location report on the User Website

Containers with Items by Category

Containers With Items By Category report on the User Website

Bookings List Report

Depending on your booking mode, you can run a report listing your Checkouts, Reservations, or Reservations with Pickups. This supplements the many ways of viewing bookings from within the app and is especially useful for historical reporting.

Bookings List Report on the user website

Item Utilization in Reservations Report

For Equipment Management, it is helpful to know what items are reserved the most and how long they are reserved in total and on average. The Item Utilization in Reservations report handily conveys this information.

Item Utilization in Reservations Report on the User Website

Custom Reports

We are eager to make the system the best it can be, so Contact Us if you have ideas on reports that would be useful to you and we will consider them for an upcoming batch of reports. We’d be happy to make custom reports as well for our paying customers. Contact us to learn more.

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