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Scanlily Find and Connect

Allow others to easily reach you by scanning a QR on your items, opening a channel for secure communication and swift resolution.


Scan if Found

Stickers fit on personal items like credit cards, glasses or water bottles.


Needs Maintenance?  Scan to report

Communicate and log a history of maintenance reports. The labels are durable for indoor or outdoor equipment.


Scan for Instructions

Easy retrieval of item manuals or instructions.

Lost and Found, Made Private and Secure

Securely retrieve lost items with Scanlily's innovative QR tags. Scan to send a message directly to the owner, who can respond without sharing personal details.

Empower Good Samaritans

A secure way to return lost items increases their chances of being found. Encourage honesty with Scanlily's private communication feature.

Quick Setup, Quicker Returns

Set up Scanlily for lost and found in a few simple steps, and let the QR technology do the rest.

Inventory your belongings

Beyond recovery, Scanlily is your smart inventory assistant.

1. Install Scanlily and set a public message for your items.

2. Attach a QR sticker to an item.  Scan to add it along with any public or private notes or photos.

3. Finders scan the QR.   They see the public message and whatever you made public about the item.

4.  You and the finder can message directly or via a secure website.

Mobile screen showing back and forth text messages.

Sleek Tags, Streamlined Designs

Designed to blend in, these weatherproof stickers combine style with functionality.

Get Started with App

Download our fully-featured, free app from the Apple App Store and Google Play.  Then buy our QR Codes on Amazon or Walmart.  Never pay monthly with our fully-featured free app. If you want to evaluate Scanlily before buying labels, then try our test labels which expire after two weeks. 

Powerful Web Features 

If you need reporting, and other powerful features, then login to the account website with the userid you created on the app.  These web-based features are in Beta and will be released soon for a monthly subscription.  We plan to launch in November, 2023.




Powerful scanning & tracking features

Get the iOS app
Get the Android App

Share a public message via a Scanlily QR label


Selectively share information about your item


Allow others to contact you securely


Find GPS-tagged items on map


Create an inventory of your items


Group items into containers


Mobile and web


Make items public: scan with no app needed


Spreadsheet view for updating data


Export to CSV

Get Ready to Track and Organize Everything with Scanlily

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