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Get Started with Scanlily

Start by downloading our free app:

Buy our QR Codes from this site or  Never pay monthly with our free app. For the first 21 days, the free app includes several Pro features. If you want to evaluate Scanlily before buying labels, then try our test labels, which also expire after 21 days. 

Easily manage hundreds or thousands of assets 

2. Scan the label with the Scanlily app.

3. Enter a name for that item.  

You can also enter notes, set reminders, and attach photos and documents.

1. Attach a QR label to an item or bin.

4. Later, anyone can scan the QR Label to see the information. No app needed!

Comprehensive Asset Management Features 

Read about Scanlily's features here. Also, check out our videos. Scanlily has many features and we are more than happy to get you started. 

Get Ready to Organize, Track and Reserve Everything with Scanlily

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