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There are three Scanlily booking modes:
1. Checkout Mode
2. Reservation Mode
3. Pickup mode (Reservations with Pickups)
We’ll elaborate on them below:

1. Checkout Mode

- In this mode, users check out equipment and return them. An analogy would be
checking out books from a library. You check it out and there is a due date by which
you must check it back in. Users scan the QR on the item when they check it out
and scan it again when they check it back in.

- Checkout mode is the default for Scanlily and is the simplest. It might be used for
something like tools where you want to keep track of who has which item checked
out but you don’t want to burden users with reserving upfront.


Click here to see Checkout Mode in Scanlily

2. Reservation Mode

- Users reserve equipment online using the app or website or they contact you and you reserve it for them.

Reservations are for a specific begin and end period. In this mode, there is no scanning of the item at the beginning and end of a reservation.

- Reservation mode is useful if you want to allow upfront reservations of your items but you want to keep

your operation simple without scanning of items as they are picked up and returned.

- Think of this like a conference room reservation. You reserve upfront; but you don’t notify to confirm when

you arrive and when you leave.

- Or it could be for items that people pickup and you want to avoid the complexity of tracking the picking up

and dropping off of the items.


Click here to see Reservation Mode in Scanlily.

Note: this can be re-used for the big annual conference video to be made later. Involves moving boxes and equipment, reserving conference rooms… lots of people involved, some who may not have the app.

3. Pickup Mode (Reservations with Pickups)

- Users reserve equipment online. Then when they arrive to pick up the equipment, you or they

scan the QR code on the item to confirm pickup. When they return the item’s QR code is

scanned again to confirm return.

- If your business revolves around people reserving and checking out valuable
equipment, then the Pickup Mode is for you. Although it has more
moving parts than
the other two modes, it is simplifying and saving time for a complex process.


Click here to see Pickup Mode in Scanlily

Booking Notifications

Booking Notifications are emails and/or text messages that are sent to users to remind them about something. For example, they may get a notification when a checked out item is overdue. Or they may get a notification when a reservation is about to begin. Booking notifications in Scanlily:


Here is a simple example of a notification email a user might receive


Notifications can be customized to be more elaborate.
Business-level subscribers can configure these notifications in great detail.


Here is the default reservation.


Here’s an example of customizing the Reservation message:


Business users can customize any of the other messages as well.

Checkout Mode

Checkout mode - like a library book

Using our garden tools example, let’s say we want to check out a Garden Rake. From the
Item page, click on the Check Out button.


On the next screen, you would normally simply click on Checkout.
You can see the booking number on this page and also the due date for the item by which
you need to return it.
If you are a superuser or administrator of a Pro or Business subscription, you can also check
the item out to yourself on behalf of another member or team of your organization.


When you are ready to return the item, then simply click on Check In on the Item page.


After you do that, the Item will be available to check out again:


You can see the list of currently checked out items anytime by selecting the upper right
Home menu to go to the Dashboard:


Then click on Checkouts to see the list:


Reservation Mode

Reservation Mode - simple reservations

If an Item is available for reservation, it will say so at the bottom. Click on Reserve:


Then you will be presented with the Calendar. Pick the From date.


Optionally, click on the Begin time.


Selecting the time will present you with available beginning times for that day:


Then select the end of the reservation period and select Reserve.


You will be similarly prompted for time of day timeslots:


The Item will continue to be available for reservation for times outside the reservation period.
You will receive email notifications for when the reservation is about to begin and also when
it is about to end.


Reservations with Pickup Mode

Reservations with Pickup Mode - reserving and then also tracking item check out and check in

Expensive equipment you want to have reserved upfront would be a good candidates for
Reservations with Pickups. We’ll use an excavator for our example.


Start the process by selecting Reserve from the Item page:


Then click on the calendar below to select a reservation start date. Note that it won’t let you
pick a date in the past.


Optionally, you can adjust the start time of day by clicking on the From time text.


Follow by picking an end date and time:


Then click Reserve.


If your reservation hasn’t started yet, you or others can continue to reserve before and after
that reservation. This is why the Item may appear as available:


Once your reservation starts, you can click Pick Up to indicate that you now have the item.  You’ll get
an email reminder as the end of your reservation approaches. 

You or others can also Reserve it for a timeperiod outside your reservation


Now it’s time to return the item so click Return:


The reservation now appears as Completed and the item is available for new reservations:

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