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Why Scanlily Find and Connect Stands Out

Amongst QR-based lost and found systems, no other solution comes close to Scanlily's when it comes to privacy, user-friendliness and versatility.

Privacy First:
Your contact details stay hidden; communication is through our platform.
Simple setup, instant alerts, and anonymous chat.

Versatile Use:

Suitable for a wide range of personal and valuable items.

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Scanlily vs. Bluetooth Trackers

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Bluetooth trackers like AirTags are expensive and take up a lot of space.   They also don't provide a means for the finder to contact you. 

Scanlily Find and Connect stickers are tiny and can inexpensively be placed on my of your items even as small as your eyeglasses, car keys or credit cards.

Privacy on Both Sides

Some Systems Require Owner to Share Contact Info.

Consider a water bottle with a traditional lost-and-found sticker: it could inadvertently reveal your information with a casual scan.

Illustration of holding a water bottle with label scanning it with her mobile phone but with a concerned look on her face .  Callout above shows app with "Your email:" and "Your phone number:".

Illustration of young woman sitting outdoors maybe engaged in something like chatting with a friend.  She doesn't notice a man surreptitiously scanning her water bottle.

Other Systems Require finder to reveal contact info

If that bottle is actually lost, a finder may be reluctant to report it if they must disclose their own contact details.

Privacy on Both Sides with Scanlily

Our lost and found system eliminates the need for personal contact sharing - by either the owner or finder.

Depict a smiling individual scanning a Scanlily QR sticker on a water bottle with their smartphone. Above the phone, instead of the actual personal details, show a stylized chat bubble containing a secure lock icon alongside a happy emoji. This signifies that the communication is secure and that the finder is pleased to help

User-friendly and Versatile

Setting up and using Scanlily is simpler compared to other lost and found systems.

Quickly set up the app with your Apple or Google ID.

Set up your lost and found message.

Affix Scanlily's waterproof stickers to any belongings you wish to track, not just those you fear losing.


A split-image showing a small Scanlily QR sticker on a pair of glasses next to a circular sticker on a public fixture like a lamp post.

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