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Checkout mode - like a library

In this mode, users check out equipment and return them. An analogy would be checking out books from a library. You check it out and there is a due date by which you must check it back in. Users can scan the QR on the item when they check it out and scan it again when they check it back in. Or they can change the status without scanning. You as the bookings administrator will thereby always know who has your items. Participants will be reminded when their item deadline is coming due and notified if they are overdue.

Checkout mode is the default for Scanlily and is the simplest. It might be used for something like tools where you want to keep track of who has which item checked out but you don’t want to burden users with reserving upfront.

Gardening tools with Scanlily QR stickers on them
Scanlily App Item page showing gardening rake available for checkout. Check Out button below.

Using our garden tools example, let’s say we want to check out a Garden Rake.


From the Item page, click on the Check Out button.

On the next screen, you would normally simply click on Checkout.

You can see the booking number on this page and also the due date for the item by which you need to return it.

If you are a superuser or administrator of a Pro or Business subscription, you can also check the item out to yourself on behalf of another member or team of your organization.

checkout_date.png App's checkout page showing Garden Rake being checked out with From date and Due date
checkout.png  Item page for Garden Rake showing info about when item was checked out along with Check In button

When you are ready to return the item, then simply click on Check In on the Item page.

After you do that, the Item will be available to check out again:

completed_checkout.png  Item page showing completed checkout below and Check Out button above that.
b7a_dashboard.png  Scanlily Dashboard with Checkouts button highlighted

You can see the list of currently checked out items anytime by selecting the upper left Home menu to go to the Dashboard:

Then click on Checkouts to see the list:

checkouts_bydate.png  Checkouts list page showing completed and current checkouts
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