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Video Highlights

Scanlily is simple once you learn the basic concepts. We suggest you watch some of these to learn more before you get started. You can also visit our List of Training Videos to explore topics in greater detail.

Scanlily Overview

Provides key points about what makes Scanlily unique as an asset and equipment management system.

Scanlily Basics

This video describes the minimal features for a Free user to get started with Scanlily:

  • Scanning

  • Item types and Attributes

  • Attachments

  • Public Items

  • Containers

  • Categories

Organizing with Scanlily Containers

This video describes the basics of Scanlily containers and is a must view for those using Scanlily for organization and storage.

Scanlily’s location tiers: Addresses -> Locations -> Containers

This describes how to use Scanlily to optimize your organizational approach with the different types of locations for items:

  • Addresses

  • Locations

  • Containers

Scanlily Tips and Tricks

Describes special tips and tricks that might not be obvious in Scanlily, including:

  • Manually adding items if you don’t have a QR code

  • Custom barcodes

  • Attachments

  • Setting Reminders

  • Using Quantity feature for inventory management

  • Containers   

How to Use Scanlily for Inventory Management

Describes the mobile aspects of Scanlily for managing inventory in bins.  Includes information about:

  • Quantity field

  • Containers

  • History

Doesn't get into the web-based features for inventory management such as Reports and the Spreadsheet.

Scanlily User Website – Features Available for Free

Scanlily is not only a mobile app but also includes a User Website. This video describes three User Website features that are available to all users:

  • Scanlily Help System: hundreds of pages of help

  • Web app: access the app features from your desktop

  • Spreadsheet: edit all your info in one place and print labels. This is helpful for inventory management.

These website features along with the app help make even the free version of Scanlily a very useful asset and inventory management system.

How to use Scanlily for Bookings and Equipment Management

Introduces how you can use Scanlily as a bookings system for your equipment. Describes:

  • concept of kits (containers)

  • bookings system

  • the three booking modes

  • notifications

  • history

Scan UPC barcodes to populate Scanlily with product information

You can scan existing UPC barcodes to pull up product information, image and prices and then instantly populate this information into Scanlily. This feature saves research and manual data entry for each product.  It's an incredibly efficient way to add items with existing UPC codes into your home or business inventory.

Accessing this feature requires either a paid subscription or participation in our Beta program.

Alerts and Flags

Taken together, Scanlily Alerts and Flags can help immensely with asset management. They allow you to reactively stay on top of necessary actions, such as maintenance. The system does the monitoring work for you, freeing up time and reducing worries.

For inventory management: Let Scanlily tell you when to restock items that have fallen below a certain quantity.


For equipment management: Enable your staff and customers to flag items as broken or needing repair. Receive an alert if something requires your attention.

Web Dashboard, Exporting for Free, Deleting Items and using Web App

This video briefly shows Scanlily's Web Dashboard, demonstrates how to export to a CSV for free, shows how to delete items, and then describes how Scanlily can be used web-based, without an app.

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