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UPC Scanning

This powerful feature allows you to scan existing UPC barcodes to pull up product information, image and prices and then instantly populate this information into Scanlily. Free users can try this feature for a week before needing to subscribe for it.

Instantly populate product info

Drawing from a database of over 550 million product UPC matches, the Scanlily UPC feature makes quick work of populating your home or business inventory.

Using a mobile device to scan a UPC on the game Werewolf
werewolfscan.png Scanlily app's UPC scan page showing info for Werewolf product pulled up, including name, description, image, and price from a selected vendor

This feature saves research and manual data entry for each product. It's an incredibly efficient way to add items with existing UPC codes.

When the product pulls up, select which attributes you'd like to pull into Scanlily.

Establish Inventory Value

Get product price from different vendors.

Used over many items, this is a shortcut to establish a total cost of your belongings



  • Quickly develop an inventory.  In case of a fire, you'll know total value for insurance.

  • Create an asset depreciation schedule.  After adding items, use Scanlily's web-based reports or spreadsheet to help create a depreciation report for tax purposes.

werewolf_prices_smaller.png  UPC scan results screen with pulldown of price options from different vendors


To use the feature, make sure the "UPC" attribute is visible for your items. If you didn't select UPC when you set up your account, you can follow these instructions to add it.

1. From any item page, click on the pulldown next to "Type". Then select the pencil to the right of the item type you want to edit.

3. Optionally, drag UPC to the top for easy scanning access.

upc_instruct_3.PNG  Edit Item Type page showing UPC attribute being moved to the top of the list

2. This brings up the edit item type page. Check the box next to UPC.

upc_instruct_2_selected.PNG Edit Item Type screen with attributes and checkboxes to right of them.  UPC is selected as an attribute

4. Back on the Item page, click on the barcode next to UPC when you want to scan.

upc_instruct_4_tiny.PNG  Item screen showing updating of Item name

This Video Describes The Process In More Detail

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