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One of Scanlily’s most powerful features is the ability to view and update your asset information in a spreadsheet.

This is available to Free, Pro and Business users alike. Just log in to the User Website (upper right Login button from this website) using the same userid and password as the app. You'll see the information you captured on the app laid out in a spreadsheet you can update.

Below is an example of the spreadsheet with rows selected for performing an action.  For example, if you choose 'Export to CSV', a downloadable CSV can be created. Select the upper left checkbox to export all rows. Exporting is available to Free, Pro and Business subscriptions alike.

View of spreadsheet with rows selected and the Export to CSV selection highlighted
spreadsheet_01.png Scanlily User website showing Spreadsheet of items

Here is an example of the spreadsheet with the name field being edited.

Widen to see many fields

The spreadsheet’s wide format allows you to visualize more of your data together than the app. If you have a large screen, you can widen your browser window and see even more fields.

spreadsheet_03.png Scanlily website Spreadsheet in wide view

Scroll rightward to see more

If all the fields don't fit, you can scroll rightwards. The Item Name will stay in place - allowing you to see more fields to the right.

spreadsheet_02.png  Scrolling to the right on the Scanlily Spreadsheet

Customize which attributes to see

You can also specify which attributes to display on the spreadsheet by selecting one of the Item Types you have defined in the app.

spreadsheet_04.png  Scanlily website Spreadsheet showing dropdown of Item Types

For example, the below “Simple” view (which comes standard in Scanlily), displays fewer attributes.

spreadsheet_05.png  Scanlily website Spreadsheet with few fields showing due to the Simple Item Type

Perform bulk updates

The Scanlily spreadsheet allows you to select rows and perform bulk actions. For example, you can update the category for multiple items at once like below.

spreadsheet_06.png  Scanlily spreadsheet showing using dropdown to select a category for multiple items at once

Pro and Business users get to define multiple addresses. Therefore, the Location pulldown will allow you to select the location from amongst each of your addresses.

spreadsheet_07.png Scanlily Spreadsheet showing pulldown selection of Location to set it for multiple items at once

Print Labels for Selected Items

You can use the spreadsheet feature to print additional QR labels to place on your items.  This allows you to cover multiple sides of a box, for example.  The labels you print can also include the item name, category and location.  There are two formats that print on standard labels you can buy at a stationary store.

spreadsheet_08.png  Spreadsheet options for printing labels
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Print Standard Address Labels

The Address label size prints on standard 1” x 2 ⅝” address labels (Avery 5160 and other same-sized formats).

spreadsheet_10.png  Avery 5160 format sheet of Scanlily labels in 3 columns and 10 rows
spreadsheet_09.png  Avery 5160 format sheet of Scanlily labels in 2 columns and 5 rows

Print Standard Business Card Labels

The Business Card labels prints on standard 2” x 3.5” labels (Avery 8877).  These are larger and therefore even more readable for placement on storage containers.

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