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Share Info Quickly

To use Scanlily, simply put a QR sticker or barcode on your item, scan it, and then start entering information about it.

Start by purchasing a packet of Scanlily QR labels on the Amazon or Walmart online stores. 

Sheet of printed Avery labels with Scanlily test QR codes

Or if you want to evaluate Scanlily before you buy anything, you can also scan or print free test labels from our website.

These expire after two weeks but you can use these to test the system while you wait for your order from Amazon or Walmart.

Once you have your label packet, remove a QR label and put it onto your item.

stamps (1).png One sheet from a Scanlily packet of 45 QR labels.  Laid out 3 x 3.

Open up the app and click on the upper right Scan button. 

B1_scanbutton.png Scan button shown at upper right of every Scanlily screen

Then Scan the QR code to get the item into the system

m_Scanhandteddy.png  Hand holding app scanning the QR on a stuffed teddy bear
blue_bear.png stuffed teddy bear with Scanlily QR attached

Enter a name for that item.

Polly.gif  Scanlily app Item page  showing entry of item name

You can now enter attributes (fields) for your item.

Different types of items might have different attributes.

There are dozens of standard attributes to pick from.

b1_edit_item_type.png  Scanlily app  Edit Item Type page showing list of attributes with checkboxes for selecting whether to include in the Item type
b1_attachments.png  Scanlily app Attachments section

The Attachments area allows you to attach photos of the item, as well as notes and documents.

Attachments are a key feature for Scanlily. 


You can use them as a list of unlimited and flexible attributes where you can post as many pictures or add as many notes as you want without having to enter each as a separate attribute.

You can also have multiple users attaching different notes and pictures about the item as kind of an ongoing, timestamped, conversation.  Their names will then appears in this thread (not depicted).

You can even set a reminder that causes an email to be sent back to you.

b1_reminder.png Scanlily app Notes section with reminder setting capability

Now your item is in Scanlily!

When you or someone else scans again, then you can see all the information about the item.

You can scan in three ways:

1. Scan the QR using the app's Scan button.


2. Scan the QR with the phone's camera with the app installed.

It will open the app to that item. 

3. Scan without the app!

Infrequent users don't even need to install the app! They can just scan a QR with a phone's camera and a web page will open showing that item. This is view-only. If you want to change anything about the item or add items, then first log in either via the app or the web system.

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