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Optimize Your IT Asset Management

Scanlily provides a powerful QR code-based method for managing your equipment. Bring clarity and control to your IT asset management. Always know what you have, where it is, and who has it.

Flexible and Scalable


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Know Where Your Equipment Is

Get an instant overview of all your equipment, from tablets to laptops to AV equipment. Know who has it and where it is. Ensure all items are returned and accounted for at the end of each project.

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Simple Checkouts and Reservations

Scanlily’s Checkout mode allows equipment to be checked out like a library book. Scanlily’s Reservations modes are likewise simple to use. With Scanlily, you will always know who has what and when it's due back.

Scanlily app's bookings list screen
Scanlily reservation calendar
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Scanlily reservation email
Scanlily dashboard with map and notifications
Notification about a parts replacement due

Be on Top of Scheduled Maintenance and Replacements

Set alerts for replacement, maintenance or upgrades, keeping your equipment and batteries functional.

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Keep Track of Asset-related Details

Easily manage warranties, service agreements, and vendor contacts with Scanlily. When you buy something, take a photo of the receipt and warranty information. Thereby always have a receipt on hand for returns. Be alerted for warranty expirations and service dates.

Problems Solved
public_passcode.png. Passcode setting to make an item public

Empower Your Team

Allow your team to check equipment availability and status or instructions themselves. 

Due to Scanlily’s option of making items public, staff or subs don’t even need the app or an account on the system. They just scan with their phone's camera and a web page displays anything you want to convey about your gear.

Problems Solved

Know the Value of Your Assets

Monitor the cost of equipment purchases, as well as their current and replacement values. This is crucial for budgeting as well as for insurance purposes. Instantly see the total asset value. Create depreciation reports.

Scanlily App Item List screen with values at the bottom
Basic Features

Basic Features

Scanlily's unique design makes it super easy to use even though it has many features.


Attach limitless field entries, images and documents to your items. Make items Public to allow scanning without the app.


Organize and find items by Address, Category and Location. You can even find items by GPS on a map.


Put QRs on bins or containers that include other items. Use this to organize inventory. Or use this to create and loan out equipment kits.


Add a reminder date and time to an item. Then get an email or app notification later. Never again forget a maintenance or warranty date.

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Set QRs to public so that anyone with a phone camera can access the information. Opens directly in browser with no app needed!


Use our web-based spreadsheet view to manipulate multiple items together.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

As an enterprise equipment management system, Scanlily has robust booking and inventory features.


Allow people to check out and reserve items. Scanning upon checkout and checkin makes it super quick. Integrates with Google, iOS and other calendars.


You can scan existing UPC barcodes to pull up a product's information, image and price and then instantly populate this into Scanlily.


Audit trails provide accountability for every asset.


Create alerts and flags for items. For example, set an inventory quantity alert or flag items as broken or needing maintenance.  


Customize fields. Enable role-based user access levels. Adapt the system in many ways.


Scanlily contains dozens of powerful reports.

Book a Demo to see Scanlily in action.
Get Ready to Organize, Track and Reserve.

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