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Scanlily Test QR Codes

You can try out the system with the free test QRs on this page. They expire after two weeks, so these are only useful for testing.

Start by downloading and installing the free Scanlily App from the Apple App Store or Google Play onto your phone.  Then you can view this page on your laptop or another mobile device and scan the below QRs onto your phone that has Scanlily on it.

Open up the app on your phone and click on the upper right Scan button.

Then scan this QR to add it as an item. Later you can scan it again to bring up the item in Scanlily.



Here's another QR code for you to try:

Note that the feature for making items public and viewable outside the app is not available with these expiring QRs. That only works with the purchased Scanlily labels.


Here's a third QR code.

Be aware that these test QRs expire. After two weeks, you will no longer be able to scan them and the test item you associated with the label will no longer be visible to you in Scanlily.


Avery 5160 Test Labels

Click here to download 30 additional test labels as a PDF file you can view or print. The file is in Avery 5160 format. So if you purchase those standard address labels or have them on hand, you can print this and try attaching the labels to items to test the scanning.

Keep in mind that these expire after two weeks as well and the item information attached to them will no longer be visible after that time.

If you like what you see in your testing, we encourage you to buy the Scanlily labels on the Amazon or Walmart online stores. These will provide additional capabilities.

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Visit this website's Features section to learn more about the features as you test the system. The section on Share Info Quickly describes the most basic features. 

After you open the app and click on Help, you'll also find over 100 pages of help text including many advanced topics.

Login to the account website to see these same Help pages on your computer in a web browser.

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