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Group Items

Scanlily has a concept of grouped items. This can be useful for applications such as organizing inventory in bins, packaging items into boxes for moving, or grouping equipment into kits that you rent out

Inventory Organization

In cases where inventory items are different from each other, keeping track can be complex. For example, this might be the case of eBay resellers.

e3_Disorganized.png  Boxes with jumbles of toys in them
f4_sad-desktop-terry.png  Terry frowning at a computer with a spreadsheet open

Manually typing inventory and tracking on a spreadsheet can be time consuming.

A Scanlily-based inventory system based on QR codes can make life much easier. Put a Scanlily QR code on each container. Scan it and enter information about that container.

Business subscribers can also upload items via a CSV file. 

e3_Disorganized.png Boxes of organized toys
m_scanhand.png  Hand holding phone scanning a Scanlily QR

As you receive an item into inventory, place a QR on the item and scan it.

blue_bear.png  Teddy bear with Scanlily QR tag
m_Scanhandteddy.png  Phone scanning Scanlily QR tag on teddy bear's ear
B3_EnteringModelNumber3.gif  Scanlily app Item page with photo of teddy bear.  Model number being typed into field

Enter pictures and information about the item.

When someone places an order, you can log into the Scanlily website or open the app to quickly find your item's location and what container it is in.

The nesting levels for where an item is located are:

b3_sportsboxlocation.png  Box containing sports equipment

(A street address)

(like "Garage")

(like "Box 25".  Containers can be nested in other containers.)

(like "Tennis Racket")

There can be multiple levels (nesting) of containers.

You can also scan the container itself to see what items are in the box.

Containers can be reserved and tracked just like other items.

e3_Disorganized.png  boxes with toys in them
m_scanhand.png  Scanning a Scanlily QR code
Storage and moving.png  Smiling person sitting on boxes with Scanlily QR stickers on them and moving van in the background


Packaging items into containers for moving works the same way as containers for inventory.

There are two approaches:

1. Put a QR sticker on each container and also each item in the container.
Each item is described individually on its own page.

2. Put QR stickers on each container but not on the items.
Then use the container's page to add notes and photos about the items. 

Your movers can scan the container with their phone and then see where to put it. No app is needed.

t_sportsbox2.png-svg.png  Box containing sports equipment
b3_sportsboxlocation.png  Scanlily item page showing attachment image of box containing sport equipment
b3_camerakit_item.png  Scanlily App Item page showing Attachment image of camera bag
u14_cameraequipment.png  Camera bag containing camera equipment which all has Scanlily QRs on it

Booking a Container

A container can be treated as a kit that your users check out or reserve. For example, it could be a bag that contains camera equipment.

Of course, you can also book items individually outside of containers. But if you do so, you will be prevented from booking the container it is in.

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